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  • 15Jul 2021
    Best Supplier for Space Applications | Machan International

    Machan International provides clients worldwide with customized OEM/ODM solutions for professional tool storage, van module systems, healthcare equipment, charging carts for education and smart locker systems. Both our design- and development teams established a streamlined workflow to bring creative ideas on the table to solutions that exceed our clients' expectations efficiently and effectively. With our expertise in creating stunning products for space application, we will continue to ensure that our partnership with our clients is the best for its kind and the most satisfying of all.

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    28Jun 2020
    MACHAN Selling two billion dollars a year - the Beauty of Formosa

    The tool-shed in the backdrop of the garage from the movie "The Green Hornet" is their product, which is designed to look like a Hollywood movie set. This is a toolbox factory in Taichung with an annual turnover over $2 billion. In addition to the various colored toolboxes you would find in this factory, We also produce the medical trolleys and examination screens for hospitals, etc. The diversified product line started out in a tin-roofed house, and is now succeeded by the second generation, Ting Wei Chang; however, the transition process is filled with difficulties, and he even apologized to his employees by kneeling down; now, let's listen to this dramatic story of Chang's. Video link (from the Beauty of Formosa)

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    27May 2020
    MACHAN warmly donated a high top ambulance and the medical protective panel for ENT; Mayor Lu thanked the company for its contribution to the society.

    Take from the society; give it back to the society! Mayor Lu stated that Chiu-Lung Chang, the founder of MACHAN International Co. Ltd., was aware of the high frequency of ambulance dispatches and took the initiative to contact the Waipu Fire Brigade upon his retirement. He donated a top-of-the-line Volkswagen high-top ambulance with a value of $3.4 million to the Waipu Fire Brigade of Taichung City Fire Department.

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    07Apr 2020
    A joint donation of 156 BAILIDA mobile inspection screens by MACHAN International together with Hsin Kuang Steel and Sigma-Care Development

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread rapidly, health care workers on the front line have been facing a tremendous pressure of increasing numbers of screening tests and the availability of the medical protective equipment. Dr. Yu-Chi Tseng, founder of the TPER, first proposed the concept of medical examination screen in the Facebook physician group; under the recommendation of Dr. Tien-Jen Liu, BAILIDA began to develop the screen. In the meantime, Dr. Chi-Wei Wei, Director of the Emergency Department of Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital, also provided his clinical experience and completed the design together. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread in Europe and the United States, BAILIDA was fully mobilized to complete the proof of the concept and the product development in two weeks.

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