About the Quality

With over 500 global sales channels in 70 countries, MACHAN sells more than 80% of its products internationally to customers in the automotive, medical, hand tools, education and logistics industries, etc.


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About the Quality

About the Quality
About the Quality

In order to achieve the policy of "Pursue Excellence with Satisfied Customers", Machan pays great attention to the incoming material inspection and the in-process inspection to prevent the production process from being affected by defective products, and to enhance the finished product inspection and the reliability test to prevent the losses due to the complaints from customers. The company has established a quality assurance system with the ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 13485 medical device quality management system to ensure that the quality management system meets the requirements of the policy and through continuous improvement to achieve the pursuit of excellence, to provide safe, stable and efficient products in order to raise the level of customer satisfaction.

Machan QC department conducts our strict quality test in our in-house Laboratory. We guarantee all the products go through tests such as dynamic structure strength test, traveling test, loading test on drawer slides, tilt test, etc. Our tests meet the standard of major industry-leading countries such as JIS and DIN.

Paint Adhesion TestingPaint Adhesion Testing
Step 1. Paint Adhesion Testing

Our adhesion test measures the determination of the adhesion of organic coatings when applied to smooth, flat panel surfaces to approach the quality guarantee.

Dynamic TestDynamic Test
Step 2. Dynamic Test

Our dynamic test machine is able to automatically and programmatically change its testing conditions, the load, the speed and the test duration to simulate various road condition and make sure our product endurance.

Drawer life Cycle TestDrawer life Cycle Test
Step 3. Drawer Life Cycle Test

Our drawer slides durability test can rapidly test early sample prototypes before mass production to ensure the consistent quality performance of your products.

Scratch Resistance TestScratch Resistance Test
Step 4. Scratch Resistance Test

Our scratch resistance test machine is used to evaluate the product resistance to the scratching and engraving.

Calibration TestCalibration Test
Step 5. Calibration Test

All our test equipment used to carry our the assessments and tests must be calibrated monthly to ensure that the results can be confidently viewed as accurate and reliable.

Universal Material TestUniversal Material Test
Step 6. Universal Material Test (Structure Strengthen)

Our universal material testing machine are available in a range of sizes and maximum force capacities to evaluate the load capacity of the products or material for our customers’ demand.

Impact TestImpact Test
Step 7. Impact Test

Our impact test is used to observe the mechanics that a material will exhibit when it experiences a shock loading that causes the specimen to immediately deform, fracture or rupture completely in order to detemine the maximunm ability of the product to absorb impact during a collision.

Fade and Color Resistance TestFade and Color Resistance Test
Step 8. Fade and Color Resistance Test

Our durability test machine for coating color fastness is used to evaluate the level of degradation of many years in only a few days by using simulators to see how the coating will react to long term sunlight exposure.

Peel Adhesion TestPeel Adhesion Test
Step 9. Peel Adhesion Test

Adhesion is the bond strength measurement of a coating to a substrate. Our tape peeling test monitors uniformity of adhesive coatings, bonding adhesion strength, and force to remove face stock to ensure the reliability quality before the product is used.