Customizable Tool Storage / Tool Trolley

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Customizable Tool Storage / Tool Trolley

Except the classical mechanic trolley, Machan also have various choices of tool storage. Our experienced ID team have all the knowledge and software to help you build a one which exclusive for your own brand. You can easily find one from our range: bevel or arc corner; bumper protection options; concave, flat or oval side. Drawer loading from 30 to 45 kgs, 90% or 100% extraction ball bearing slider. 5" x 2" Castors, swivel and brake function and different material, PP, TPR, Rubber to fit proper ground in the work area. All the products, including spare parts and accessories are tested thorough our in-house testing equipment and every shipment are inspected and guaranteed.


  • Rolled Edges for strength and rigidity.
  • Rear Locking Mechanism, actuated by lid and cam lock.
  • Side Bumper Protection, various material to choose.


Industrial Tool Trolley, Roller Cabinet, Tool Chest, Workshop Trolley, Tool Box, Tool Cabinet

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