Isolation Carts

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Isolation Carts

Isolation carts aim at reducing the risk of spreading germs, bacterium, pathogens, and infections between wards and rooms. Machan's isolation cart was built with deep and strong drawers for large spaces to store gloves, surgical masks, gowns, respirators, and other essential supplies. To minimize the risk of contamination, the shape and material of top platform were designed to be easily cleaned and sanitized with no doubt about retaining bacteria. For the sake of security, functional drawers can be chosen from non-locking, central locking, to individually locking system. Yellow color, as the representative color of isolation carts, emphasize the function and clearly differentiate from other medical carts for hospital staff and visitors, especially in an emergency situation.


  • Powder-coat finish.
  • Removable plastic top.
  • Sliding table.
  • Central key lock.
  • Stabilizing pontoon bumpers.
  • 5" casters.


Infection Control Cart, Isolation Stations, Isolation Trolley

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