Medical Cart Accessories

With over 500 global sales channels in 70 countries, MACHAN sells more than 80% of its products internationally to customers in the automotive, medical, hand tools, education and logistics industries, etc.

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Medical Cart Accessories

To enhance efficiency in administrating medical supplies, various options of accessories are available for additional storage and function.

Machan offers an extensive range of accessories that allow hospital personnel to flexibly adjust any accessories they need on medical carts to fit specific demands of treatment and procedures. Both the left and right sides of medical carts are available for mounting accessories that create a wealth of combinations to meet different requirements. Accessories range from additional equipment that is installed on the sides of carts, such as IV pole, defibrillator shelf, overbridge bins, oxygen tank holder, and rubbish bin, to useful organizing components placed in the drawers, such as adjustable dividers, to sort medical tools or medicines.


Medical Cart Components, Drawer Dividers, Trays, Storage Bins

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