Medication Cart

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Medication Cart

An ideal medication cart enables health care staff clearly classify all the medicine efficiently. Machan’s medication cart features front and back side waste bin drawers to maximize the utility of cart and increase the efficiency of work. To avoid drug diversion, medicine in bins and drawers can be fully secure with central locking at the side. Bin drawers are available with a row of 5 bins to be pulled out at once or separate bins that can be taken out individually. Each bin comes with label attached and polystyrene dividers to sort the medicine more effectively. The number of bins can be selected to personalize your own medication cart.


  • Bin drawers with label and dividers
  • Powder-coat finish.
  • Removable plastic top.
  • Sliding table.
  • Central key lock.
  • Stabilizing pontoon bumpers.
  • 5" casters.


Medicine Trolley, Nursing Cart, Medical Cart

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