Anesthesia Carts

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Anesthesia Carts

Anesthesia carts were built to cater to the demands of anesthesiologists with convenient, secure mobile storage and high maneuverability. Machan's anesthesia carts were coated with powder, offering resilient protection from corrosion. The blue color is selected and embellished on the cart to represent the function of anesthesia cart and help health care staff to quickly identify and organize the cart.

Our anesthesia cart is equipped with lad added and individually full locking narcotics drawers for further safety. Sliding shelf was integrated at the sides of the carts to extend the work surface without occupying extra spaces. Tilt bins and top-shelf attached on overbridge offer additional storage making it more accessible for prompt usage.


  • Powder-coat finish.
  • Removable plastic top.
  • Sliding table.
  • Tilt bin organizers and bulk storage bin.
  • Central key lock.
  • Stabilizing pontoon bumpers.
  • 5" casters.


Medical Carts, Anesthesia Trolley, Tilt Front Bin Anesthesia Trolley

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