Folding Mobile Screens

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Folding Mobile Screens

To substitute traditional hard-cleaning curtains, Machan's stylish, lightweight, and easy-to-clean folding mobile screen is designed to aid hospitals to decrease the risk of infection. With light and sturdy aluminum frames, anti-bacterial surface, and removable swivel casters, our folding mobile screen aims at assisting to reach optimal hygiene effects in an easier way. The folding offers high stability when moving and can be mounted on the wall to save more space. The numbers of panels can be chosen to suit different lengths needed.


  • Screen Overall Height: 165cm / 185cm
  • Smooth folding.
  • Smooth surface to assist cleaning.
  • Panels can be added or reduced.
  • No gap or light goes through panels.
  • Stable movement with 3" plastic casters.


Hospital Privacy Screens, Bedside Screen, Ward Screen

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