Pediatric Exam Table

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Pediatric Exam Table

Machan's pediatric exam table gives functional measurement system of weight and height with a digital monitor. Spacious storages are also provided beneath exam table to maximize the utility. The top flat surface is equipped with upholstered panels to protect children from falling out. The scale of length ranges up to 91 cm and the scale of weight can load up to 100 kg. With a fully-charged battery, the monitor can run for 40 hours, and the capacity of battery will display on the screen.


  • Metal with powder coating.
  • Table Work Height: 965mm (38inches)
  • Screen Dimension: W200 x D130mm
  • Unit of Weight: KG or LB
  • Door with key lock.
  • Drawers with soft return rails.
  • Accessory can be assembled at cabinet sides.
  • Hidden paper toll holder.
  • 5" steel casters.


Pediatric Scale Table

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