MACHAN is the leader in the professional toolbox OEM market in Taiwan.

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Over 30 Years Silver Plate Toolbox | Cabinet | Trolley Manufacturer In Taiwan - MACHAN

Based in Taiwan, Machan International Co., Ltd., since 1976, is a metal sheet toolbox manufacturer. Main products, including medical equipment, locker, trolley, charging storage cart and cabinet for chromebooks, laptops and tablets, etc.

TTQS Silver Plate toolboxes made with production techniques such as laser, stamping, welding, powder coating, packaging, ball bearing slide and so forth. With over 500 global sales channels in 70 countries, MACHAN sells more than 80% of its metal sheet toolboxes internationally to customers in the automotive, medical, hand tools, education and logistics industries, etc.

MACHAN has been offering customers high-quality silver and metal plate made toolboxes, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, MACHAN ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Anesthesia Carts
    Anesthesia Carts

    Anesthesia carts were built to cater to the demands of anesthesiologists with convenient, secure mobile storage and high maneuverability. Machan's anesthesia carts were coated with powder, offering resilient protection from corrosion. The blue color is selected and embellished on the cart to represent the function of anesthesia cart and help health care staff to quickly identify and organize the cart. Our anesthesia cart is equipped with lad added and individually full locking narcotics drawers for further safety. Sliding shelf was integrated at the sides of the carts to extend the work surface without occupying extra spaces. Tilt bins and top-shelf attached on overbridge offer additional storage making it more accessible for prompt usage.

  • Isolation Carts
    Isolation Carts

    Isolation carts aim at reducing the risk of spreading germs, bacterium, pathogens, and infections between wards and rooms. Machan's isolation cart was built with deep and strong drawers for large spaces to store gloves, surgical masks, gowns, respirators, and other essential supplies. To minimize the risk of contamination, the shape and material of top platform were designed to be easily cleaned and sanitized with no doubt about retaining bacteria. For the sake of security, functional drawers can be chosen from non-locking, central locking, to individually locking system. Yellow color, as the representative color of isolation carts, emphasize the function and clearly differentiate from other medical carts for hospital staff and visitors, especially in an emergency situation.

  • Medication Cart
    Medication Cart

    An ideal medication cart enables health care staff clearly classify all the medicine efficiently. Machan’s medication cart features front and back side waste bin drawers to maximize the utility of cart and increase the efficiency of work. To avoid drug diversion, medicine in bins and drawers can be fully secure with central locking at the side. Bin drawers are available with a row of 5 bins to be pulled out at once or separate bins that can be taken out individually. Each bin comes with label attached and polystyrene dividers to sort the medicine more effectively. The number of bins can be selected to personalize your own medication cart.

  • Medical Cart Accessories
    Medical Cart Accessories

    To enhance efficiency in administrating medical supplies, various options of accessories are available for additional storage and function. Machan offers an extensive range of accessories that allow hospital personnel to flexibly adjust any accessories they need on medical carts to fit specific demands of treatment and procedures. Both the left and right sides of medical carts are available for mounting accessories that create a wealth of combinations to meet different requirements. Accessories range from additional equipment that is installed on the sides of carts, such as IV pole, defibrillator shelf, overbridge bins, oxygen tank holder, and rubbish bin, to useful organizing components placed in the drawers, such as adjustable dividers, to sort medical tools or medicines.

Result 1 - 4 of 4