Design & Verification

When innovation becomes an important engine to enhance the power of the enterprise, Machan provides you with unique and strategic design. From conception to sketch design, to product realization and verification, then to commercialization assistance, we provide you with insight into end-user needs. Carefully design interactions on customer experience journey, and create the best product experience.

Machan has unique, customizable, and competitive characteristics, leading the industry's product design. So far, we have won the GmbH iF Design Award in German, International Design Excellence Award in US, Taiwan Excellence Award, Golden Pin Design Award, and many other global design awards.

MACHAN’s award-winning records over the years

We start at the user's point of view. Human factors technology is effectively applied in product design and development process. For the purpose of efficiency, safety, and convenience, we increase operability and comfort, reduce operational fatigue and overloading. The product is designed for people to use, providing the optimal application of work and life.

Machan Industrial Design Team

Our industrial design team can tailor-make exclusive product appearance designs based on your corporate identity system, enhance brand recognition and differentiation, and bring creativity beyond expectations to customers. Through appropriate brand marketing strategies, Machan assists customers in brand identity design, packaging design, and sales assistance design, helping you to show uniqueness, strengthen product image, increasing marketing influence. Make it easier to gain the trust of end-users.

Machan is proud to be a "Space Application Creator". According to the customization needs of different industries, our team has a solid ability of independent innovation. In early stage, we conducted in-depth market research and research. In mid-term, we carry out research and development processes such as structural design, system simulation analysis, and strength verification. In later stage, we re-verified the product design strength and reliability with a number of rigorous quality tests to make sure your product is the best among the competition, and the most satisfying to the users.

Machan Design Team

With professional experiences and customization capabilities, we can help companies to find the most suitable solutions.

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