EV Charging

The global infrastructure for charging EVs is increasing quickly to keep up with the rising demand for e-mobility. Hardware and construction solutions that are reliable and efficient are required to build this infrastructure, as well as public and private investment. Machan can provide you with both. Providing modular and functional structures that meet your hardware requirements as well as customized cabinets to protect your electrical equipment from environmental hazards is our specialty.

 A charging station is a device that supplies electrical power to plug-in electric vehicles. An electric car charging station has various components, including wires, displays, cords, meters, controllers, and a charging port. These components are also known as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). However, these components are vulnerable to moisture, extreme temperatures, ultraviolet light, dust, debris, and impact forces. These factors can affect the performance of the charging station or cause it to fail prematurely. This can result in damage to vehicles, injury to people, and increased liability risks for the owners and operators of the charging stations.

That's why you need Machan enclosures. We are experts in fabricating custom EV charging enclosures that meet your specifications and requirements. From concept creation to prototype creation to production, we can help you every step of the way. We are your trusted EV charger enclosure manufacturer.

Machan sheet metal enclosures offer several key advantages for your EVSE:

  • Weatherproof: Our enclosures are immune to the weather and preserve your electrical components from environmental damage.
  • Secure & lockable: Enclosures are lockable and secure, preventing unauthorized access to any charging components.



Machan: Experienced in Outdoor Cabinet Manufacturing for Diverse Solutions.

Machan has extensive experience in manufacturing outdoor cabinets, allowing us to design versatile cabinet solutions tailored to various industry needs. Our expertise in sheet metal design and processing, combined with computer-aided design and CAE simulations, enables us to deliver robust and varied products. Additionally, we assist clients in ensuring their lithium iron batteries pass the UN38.3 safety transport tests, successfully integrating these into uninterruptible power supplies and energy storage systems.

Rack-Style Cabinet Design Adaptability for EV Charging Applications.

Machan possesses the capability to design rack-style cabinets that meet the diverse application needs of EV charging stations. Our modular design approach not only fits a wide range of usage patterns but also highlights the advantages of modular architecture.

IP-Level Waterproof Enclosures for EV Chargers

Achieving IP-Level Waterproof Standards, Enhancing Durability and Reliability.

Machan’s expertise in waterproofing technology helps clients attain IP-level waterproof certifications. Through precise waterproof design and meticulous sealing, we ensure that EV charging stations maintain superior waterproof performance across various environments, thereby boosting product durability and reliability.

Machan can provide outdoor electric vehicle charging housings with full spectrum of fire safety functionalities

Seamless Integration of Fire Safety Equipment with Cabinet Design.

Machan focuses on the specific needs for fire safety equipment, integrating it flawlessly with the cabinet design. We not only manufacture cabinets but also consider the full spectrum of fire safety functionalities, ensuring comprehensive safety solutions during emergencies.

Machan EV Charger Enclosures are suited in indoor/outdoor environments, effectively resisting corrosion and UV radiation

Comprehensive Indoor and Outdoor Solutions for All Climate Conditions.

Machan offers professional advice based on the specific usage scenarios and needs of clients, ensuring that EV charging stations maintain excellent appearance and performance in all environments, effectively resisting corrosion and UV radiation.

Tailored EV Charging Enclosure

Custom-Made Cabinet Solutions Tailored to Specific Requirements.

At Machan, we pride ourselves on customization, designing EV charging stations that perfectly fit the environmental, locational, and situational demands of our clients, ensuring seamless integration into various application settings.

Machan offers One-Stop Vertical Integration Manufacturing for EV Charger Enclosures

One-Stop Vertical Integration Manufacturing from Design to Production.

Based on one-stop vertical integration, Machan precisely controls the quality and timing of raw material to finished product. This system ensures a coordinated and efficient production process, not only maintaining quality but also enhancing production efficiency to meet client delivery schedules.

Cost-Effective Cabinet Manufacturing Advice for Clients.

More than just a manufacturer, Machan is your partner in EV charging applications. We provide professional advice to help clients efficiently budget their cabinet manufacturing costs, ensuring the best value for money.

Machan ensures that each ev charging station enclosure follows high quality standards, ensuring stable delivery and meeting customer expectations

Stable Quality Assurance.

Machan not only focuses on quality during the manufacturing process, complying with ISO 9001 standards, but also provides comprehensive quality assurance services. Our dedicated team ensures that each EV charging station adheres to high quality standards, guaranteeing stable delivery and fulfilling client expectations from design to manufacture.

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With professional experiences and customization capabilities, we can help companies to find the most suitable solutions.

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