Energy Storage

Accept customized requirements. We design and produce European regulations and various combination boxes according to customer needs. Providing a full range of energy storage solutions, including but not limited to battery housings, grid energy storage systems, servo cabinets, outdoor telecom cabinets, etc.

Energy Storage Cabinet System


Modular Design

Using the modular structure to tailor the energy storage system for the enterprise. In response to the unique needs of different use environments such as the semiconductor industry, electronics industry, and renewable energy industry, we provide the cabinet design with easy-to-assemble and high-density cooling, and manufacturing services. Let enterprises to have more flexible adaptability.

Safety Certification

Design and manufacture of industrial-grade cabinet shells that comply with UL, CE, CSA and other safety certifications to ensure the safety of cabinet use.

Short Lead Time Planning

Promoting JIT just-in-time production. Provide 21-45 days of standard delivery to meet the needs of the industry for small batches, high quality, and short delivery.