Energy Storage

Machan offers comprehensive solutions for the manufacture of energy storage enclosures. We have extensive manufacturing experience covering services such as battery enclosures, grid energy storage systems, server cabinets and other sheet metal enclosure OEM services. In addition, Machan emphasises the modular design of rack-type enclosure structures, increasing design flexibility to meet specific customer requirements. We offer indoor and outdoor solutions based on different climatic conditions, ensuring the durability and reliability of the enclosures. With an integrated vertical manufacturing approach, we ensure efficient production, stable quality and timely delivery to meet customer expectations. 


Extensive ex​perience in manufacturing a variety of enclosures

Machan has extensive experience in the manufacture of outdoor enclosures, enabling us to meet the diverse needs of energy storage enclosure customers across a range of industries and applications. Through mature sheet metal design and process experience, coupled with computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) simulation, Machan delivers robust and versatile products. We also help customers to successfully achieve the United Nations UN38.3 safety transport test for lithium-iron batteries, enabling their use in industrial uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and energy storage systems. 

Machan specializes in modular design of rack-type enclosures

Modular design for rack-type enclosures

Machan conforms to the widely used design of rack-type enclosure structures with modular design capabilities. Our rack-type enclosure design not only conforms to common usage habits, but also emphasises the advantages of modular design to adapt to the diverse application requirements of energy storage cabinets.

Machan Sheet Metal Enclosures are IP-Rated Waterproof Certification

Assistance in obtaining IP rated waterproof certification

Machan has extensive experience in waterproofing and can assist customers in obtaining IP-rated waterproof certification. Through mechanical waterproof design and rubber strip sealing, we ensure the integrity of the waterproof structure for outdoor enclosures in various environments, increasing product durability and reliability.

Integration of firefighting equipment with enclosures

To meet customer requirements for firefighting equipment, Machan not only manufactures enclosures, but also fully considers customer requirements for firefighting equipment. This ensures that energy storage cabinets can provide a complete solution in emergency situations such as fires.

Comprehensive indoor and outdoor solutions for different climates

To accommodate different climates, we provide professional recommendations based on customer usage scenarios and requirements. This ensures that energy storage cabinets maintain excellent appearance and performance, as well as resisting corrosion and UV radiation. We place particular emphasis on comprehensive pre-paint processes, including degreasing, cleaning and neutralisation, to ensure excellent paint adhesion and quality.

Machan Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures

Customsed enclosures tailored to customer needs

We pride ourselves on customisation, designing dimensions and specifications to suit customer environments, locations and specific scenarios. Our commitment to customisation ensures that the dimensions and specifications of our energy storage cabinets are perfectly integrated into the customer's application scenarios.

One-stop vertical integration manufacturing technology

By implementing a one-stop vertical integration production process, Machan controls the quality from raw material production to finished product shipment. Based on one-stop vertical integration manufacturing technology, we ensure the coordination and efficiency of the entire production process, guaranteeing quality and improving production efficiency to meet customer shipping deadlines.

Cost effective enclosure advice

Machan is not only an enclosure manufacturer, but also your partner in energy storage enclosure applications. We provide professional advice to help customers determine appropriate enclosure costs, ensuring they get the best value for their investment.

Consistent quality

Machan not only prioritises quality during the manufacturing process in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, but also offers comprehensive quality verification services. Our professional team ensures that each energy storage cabinet meets high quality standards, ensuring stable deliveries that meet customer expectations from design to manufacture.