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We have a complete and professional customized solution, including spray painting, modular accessories, our own paint line, and various options for painting.

We have a complete sheet metal cabinet processing production line, from laser, stamping, bending, welding and painting are all completed in-house, with complete production equipment.

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We have a number of coating lines, which can be produced simultaneously and can meet the needs of mass production.

We have our own industrial design and R&D team, which can provide a complete appearance, structure and cost plan for your reference.

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We have a safety stock of materials, a variety of alternative suppliers to choose from, and a low probability of out of stock.

We have our own quality laboratory, which can test products and provide relevant test reports.

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Our new factory has a large storage space, which can be used for temporary storage mechanism.

We can provide simple repair instructions or videos to help you quickly solve user problems.

We have launched a sustainable business development committee, planning to expand the development of green products, and reduce carbon emissions by 3% by 2025.

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With professional experiences and customization capabilities, we can help companies to find the most suitable solutions.

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