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Salary and Benefits

Talent is the most important asset of Machan, and it is also the key for Machan to maintain its leading position. We firmly believe that employees with a "sense of happiness" are the most competitive conditions for a company.

Profit and Achievement Sharing

In line with operating performance, we provide quarterly bonuses, year-end bonuses and bonuses. For team or individual work performance, we provide proposal improvement bonuses, patent bonuses, and commendation awards for outstanding employees.

Comprehensive Welfare Measures

In order to attract and retain talents, we provide employees with free healthy meal boxes, uniforms, dedicated car and motorcycle parking lots, and subsidize employees to participate in travel and club activities.

Talent Training Program

From the day of employment, we provide solid and complete training courses, including on-the-job training, internal training, external training, online learning, self-study. For employees who intend to continue their studies, we provide additional on-the-job training subsidies, so that you can study with peace of mind.

Machan is committed to establishing a harmonious labor-management relationship with employees, strictly abides by government regulations, provides comprehensive welfare systems and education and training, actively handles various activities. Encourages colleagues to invite family members to participate together, so that family members can recognize and become the strongest backing of colleagues, let Machan achieve the vision of happy enterprise.

let Machan achieve the vision of happy enterprise.  

With professional experiences and customization capabilities, we can help companies to find the most suitable solutions.

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