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【newsebc】Boosting the Economy and Creating Jobs! Taichung Increases Investment and Subsidies for Tangible Corporate Benefits
【TVBS】Seeing the Potential in Taichung, Corporations Continue to Invest After 40 Years of Deep Engagement
【Taiwan 60Hz】Crazier than Metaverse? ! The second generation successor of Machan builds the future factory
【Taiwan Good Deeds】Annual sales of two billion metal tool storage
【Taichung City Government Labor Bureau】Happy Workplace 2021
【Industrial Microfilm】Fall in love with Machan
【Discover New Taiwan】Break through traditional OEM thinking, innovate digitally to enhance competitiveness
【China TV News】The second-generation successor of the tool storage leader, unforgettable father's harsh words
【Attack on Greater Taichung】Machan's future in traditional industries


MACHAN Smart AI Factory Raising the Ridgepole Ceremony
MACHAN Smart AI Factory Groundbreaking Ceremony

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