Medical Transport Carts

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Medical Transport Carts

Machan's medical transport cart is a light cart with numerous cell panels that can store baskets and trays to help the staff transport and organize bulky medical supplies in a convenient and effortless way. The ABS tambour door is an ideal solution for protecting fragile and essential medical supplies while moving within the hospital. Key locking on the door is available for additional safety. Various caster types and heights are available to meet different requirements.


  • Powder-coat finish.
  • Removable plastic top.
  • Push handle.
  • Tambour door.
  • Trays and baskets.
  • Central key lock.
  • Stabilizing pontoon bumpers.
  • 5" casters.


Mobile Supply Carts, Surgical Supply Cart, Portable Medical Surgery Supply Carts, Mobile Storage Cart

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