Organized Storage Module

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Organized Storage Module

The organized storage module that allows you to create a work environment customized and totally fit your space and storage needs.

Choose products from a wide range of solutions sharing high quality standards, designed to make the most of your time by optimizing work with best organization experiences.

All the products, including spare parts and accessories are tested thorough our in-house testing equipment and every shipment are inspected and guaranteed.


Modular designed, every items can be used separately or combined together, provided flexibility for different working space area.

General Spec Wall Cabinet Bottom Cabinet 7 Drawer Trolley Cupboard Perforated Panel
Full Open Drawer N/A Yes Yes N/A N/A
Loading / Kgs Shelf: 10 Drawer: 45 Drawer: 45 30 N/A
Width / mm 600 or 1120 677 or 861 671 677 or 861 677 or 861
Depth / mm 525 500 459 300 20
Height / mm 1180 954 963 342 338
Finished Powder Coated Powder Coated Powder Coated Powder Coated Powder Coated


Workshop Storage System, Module Storage System, Workshop Storage Equipment

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