Vending Kiosk

With over 500 global sales channels in 70 countries, MACHAN sells more than 80% of its products internationally to customers in the automotive, medical, hand tools, education and logistics industries, etc.

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Vending Kiosk

Smart vending machines include features like product elevators, no-touch automatic delivery door, conveyor belt delivery systems and optional touch-free purchasing via cell phone.

Machan offer customize vending machines.
Now we design and build all shapes and sizes of custom metal fabrication for vending machines.

We use our design experience learned from precision compact wall-mounted vending machines and apply them to design of all sizes of vending machines.


  • Double wall Structural frame.
  • SPCC / SECC / Stainless metal sheet.
  • Powder coating.
  • Hidden fixing aisle structure.
  • Stable and durable electric lock.
  • R angle designed edge for user protection.
  • No screw visible outward for security.
  • Dimension and wrapping are all customizable.
  • Built-in camera (Optional).
  • Service: All hardware and parts assembly

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