MACHAN Selling two billion dollars a year - the Beauty of Formosa

28 June, 2020
Toolbox Factory Machan.

"The tool-shed in the backdrop of the garage from the movie ""The Green Hornet"" is their product, which is designed to look like a Hollywood movie set. This is a toolbox factory in Taichung with an annual turnover over $2 billion. In addition to the various colored toolboxes you would find in this factory, We also produce the medical trolleys and examination screens for hospitals, etc. The diversified product line started out in a tin-roofed house, and is now succeeded by the second generation, Ting Wei Chang; however, the transition process is filled with difficulties, and he even apologized to his employees by kneeling down; now, let's listen to this dramatic story of Chang's. Video link (from the Beauty of Formosa)

The significance of this legacy is extraordinary that it is passed on to the next generation. In addition, BAILIDA, the medical brand of Ming Cheong, donated 25 sets of ""medical protective panel for ENT"" to the Health Bureau of Taichung City Government. Mayor Lu, under the instruction of the physician, personally experienced the protective partitions, which not only can effectively isolate the droplets and reduce the infections caused by medical treatment, but also can ensure the doctor's consultation position so that the patient can feel less pressure. Let's work together to make efforts for the society and the community."