Machan Sustainable Smart Factory Groundbreaking Ceremony

9 September, 2022

On September 9, 2022, Machan Group held a groundbreaking ceremony for the "Sustainable Smart Factory" in Waipu District, Taichung City.
The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Taichung City, Ms. Lu Shiow-yen, and the city government team, the Deputy Director General of the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Yang Chi-Ching, the Director of the Central Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Kuo Kun-Ming, and Member of the Legislative Yuan, Mr. Yang Qiong Yen, as well as over 200 representatives from industry, government, academia, and local community leaders to pray for a safe and smooth construction.

The "Da Ma Factory" in Waipu District, Taichung City, is Machan's first large-scale factory. It has not only observed the history of Machan's blossoming development, but also preserved the memories of Machan's hard labor.
With the increase in market demand and the rapid evolution of technology, the current plant is no longer enough. Machan applied for the "Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) announcement of the overall change of the specific area to be classified as a small construction site for business plan review," and under the guidance and scrutiny of the Taichung City Government, Machan was able to obtain MOEA approval for the business plan. In addition, Machan passed the "Action Plan for Welcoming Taiwan Businesses to Invest in Taiwan," which was pushed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Executive Yuan. Therefore, Machan has decided to reconstruct its plant in the same place as the Da Ma facility.

The sustainable smart factory of Machan is planned to be a green building of approximately 11,000 pings, with an R&D center, laboratories, central kitchen, employee dormitory, recreation and sports hall, and training center in addition to the production plant, in order to provide the most pleasant working environment possible. In the future, we will also use the most cutting-edge digital equipment and automated warehouses in order to expand the intelligent industrial management system. We also want to construct green energy and energy storage facilities, as well as implement low-carbon production equipment and a zero-waste treatment system, in an effort to achieve corporate, social, and environmental sustainability.

The reconstruction project is the greatest investment in Machan's history, with an anticipated $1.5 billion to $1.7 billion investment, an increase of 200 to 300 employment, and an increase in yearly output value of $1.5 billion to $2 billion. It will build a firm foundation for Machan's long-term development and prepare for the great demand for orders in the post-pandemic future, as the global economy recovers.