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Over 30 Years Smart Locker & Kiosk Solution Manufacturer - MACHAN

Based in Taiwan, Machan International Co., Ltd., since 1976, is a Smart Locker & Kiosk Solution | metal sheet toolbox manufacturer. Main products, including medical equipment, locker, trolley, charging storage cart and cabinet for chromebooks, laptops and tablets, etc.

TTQS Silver Plate toolboxes made with production techniques such as laser, stamping, welding, powder coating, packaging, ball bearing slide and so forth. With over 500 global sales channels in 70 countries, MACHAN sells more than 80% of its metal sheet toolboxes internationally to customers in the automotive, medical, hand tools, education and logistics industries, etc.

MACHAN has been offering customers high-quality silver and metal plate made toolboxes, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, MACHAN ensures each customer's demands are met.

Smart Locker & Kiosk Solution

Locker Storage and Kiosk

Lockers and Kiosk.
Lockers and Kiosk.

From automated smart lockers to check-in kiosks, Machan, and our partners, are already building solutions for many of our customer. As global and local concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to elevate, sanitary self-service solutions are playing a crucial role across multiple industries. However, we have dedicated a team of in-house designers and engineers to help fast-track the process for introducing new safe and sanitary self-service solutions into the market.

We can offer smart lockers provide secure, fully integrated systems to simplify product pickup for unattended rentals, device charging, package drop off and retrieval, and much more. Designed with the end-user in mind, electronic locker systems enhance, complement, and expand upon the processes and service that they use and rely on across a variety of industries.

We are ready to partner with you and serve as a trusted resource in any way we can during these challenging times.

  • Intelligent Locker - Intelligent Locker.
    Intelligent Locker
    Smart Locker

    With vigorous development of smart life nowadays, Machan design sheets metals to combine with hardware and software applying in all kinds of environment based on best UX point of view and always put safety first. From smart locker for corporate day locker, click and collect locker, pick up drop off locker, sterile parcel locker, to cloud-based locker, providing ideal self-service, contactless solution to our customer.

  • Custom Kiosk Fabrication - Kiosk Fabrication.
    Custom Kiosk Fabrication

    With vigorous development of smart Kiosk life nowadays, Machan design sheets metals to combine with hardware and software applying in all kinds of environment Kiosk.Machan do not only meet your hardware needs with their modular and functioanal structures, but also allow you to develop efficient your projects with their hardware & consturcture solutions.