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Dear customers, please select the type of question you would like to inquire, so that you can quickly find your answer for your questions. If you cannot find the answers for the common questions on the website, please contact us via or fill up the online forms.

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  • What are the steps in the order procedure?

    According to the different needs of OEM / ODM customers, the shipping date will be depending on the different product categories : Tool storage , Medical equipment , Charging storage cart and cabinet, Smart locker and kiosk solution. Our production capacity is very flexible and could meet the clients demands. In general, new products development will take around 2-3 months, and the repeat orders will take around 1-2 months. However, it will always depends on the different projects and agreements with the clients. For minimum order quantity, it depends on different product categories. For more details, please contact with us directly for the further information.

  • What is included in the inspection procedure before the product leaves the factory? What certifications does the factory have?

    Machan tool boxes, medical carts and all products have a complete inspection process from Incoming Quality Control (IQC) → Process Quality Control (PQC) → Final Quality Control (FQC) → Out-going Quality Control (OQC), responsible for the operation of quality audit and supervision, high-standard inspection procedures. With the concerted effort of professional regulatory department, Machan has obtained ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 quality management system certification for its design and manufacturing process.

  • Are all Machan products made in Taiwan?

    All Machan's products are manufactured in Taiwan with globally sourced components such as casters and drawer slides. Basically, we can assist you to bring sheet metal products like tool chest, medical carts, charging carts and smart lockers; to name a few, into production. Moreover, we can also conduct reliability test under standards from industry-leading countries and provide you with formal lab result.

  • What kind of paint is used for the product? Can the color be specified?

    Apart from the traditional liquid coating, Manchan utilizes powder coating that is environmental-friendly with low energy consumption. The manufacturing process is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and solvent, which reduces air pollution and significantly reduces the pollution of sewage and waste solvent. Furthermore, the process may solidify and take shape within a short period of time; we also provide different coating materials and effects based on clients' demand. You may designate a specific color by providing the color code, the international standard, providing satisfactory decorations and functions; for example, color, glossiness (light, dulling), texture (sand paint, mat surface, leather texture, metal texture), functional feature (outdoor paint, antiseptic and easy to clean, antisepsis).

  • Why is Machan and Taiwan the right choice for you?

    Taiwan is one of the top five export countries for hand tools globally and is praised as the "Hand Tool Kingdom." 70% of the hand tool industry concentrates in Taichung and Changhua region. Located at Taichung, Manchan International is the largest tool cabinet exporter, selling its products to more than 70 countries, with over 300 clients, and the export ratio exceeds 95%. In recent years, it further invested in automated production lines to offer mass production and minimize costs. It provides low-quantity and diverse production lines to satisfy clients with various demands.

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