With over 500 global sales channels in 70 countries, MACHAN sells more than 80% of its products internationally to customers in the automotive, medical, hand tools, education and logistics industries, etc.


Machan, Marching on.

Company Profile
Company Profile

Machan, we rooted in Taiwan is a world-class space application creator and successfully integrated as one workflow production techniques for sheet metal products, including production techniques such as laser, stamping, welding, powder coating, packaging, ball bearing slide, industrial wheel, and bring together subcontractors for industrial design, industrial materials, electronic parts, electromechanical IOT software program design, and e-commerce development platform. Except for providing features and competitiveness, we possess uniqueness in the market and offer final products to clients or consumers. Our product application includes professional tool cabinets, nursing trolleys, tablet charging cart, smart locker, various metal cabinets, and mobile trolleys. We have experience in OEM for brands from multiple countries, and our OEM products are sold to more than 70 countries with over 300 clients. Our major clients are the top three channels in the U.S., and professional tool cabinet products by us rank the top in scale in the U.S. consumer's market across the globe, winning a place in vehicle repair, hand tools, and medical markets.

History Timeline of Machan Group
  • Received the Three-Star Award from the Taichung City Lohas Workplace Award in 2020.
  • TTQS Silver Plate in 2020.
  • Chairman ZHANG, TING-WEI received the Outstanding Alumni title from Chung Hsing University in 2020.
  • Received 3-Star Quality Control Award in 2020.
  • Received D&B Elite SME Award in 2020.
  • Received the 37th National Manager Excellence Award (IT m=Manager) in 2019.
  • Manufacturing factories with automation equipment were established in Taiwan in 2018 for new production lines.
  • Heritage Product Group Inc. was founded in 2017 in U.S.A.
  • Received Golden Pin Design Award in 2017.
  • Received GmbH iF DESIGN AWARD in 2017.
  • Received International Design Excellence Award in 2017.
  • Incorporated TPM & lean manufacturing techniques in 2016.
  • Honored with Silver Award (Enterprise Version) in TTQS (Talent Quality-management System) assessment from Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor.
  • Received Golden Pin Design Award in 2016.
  • Da-Fa Factory and Mei An Le MediTech Ltd. were established in 2014; Second phase of Changzhou Factory Construction Project; Expanded Shuimei Factory, and invested in delicate automation equipment.
  • Received the 22nd Taiwan Excellence Award in 2014.
  • Enterprise Operations Headquarters were established in 2013.
  • Honored with Golden Hand Award from Taichung City Government in 2012.
  • Selected as one of Top 100 Cross-strait Outstanding Enterprises in 2011.
  • Received the 28th National Manager Excellence Award (SME General Manager) in 2010; The Commerce & Trading Company for Domestic Sales was founded in Shanghai; Three hardware factories were established in Taiwan, strengthening BOXO manufacturing management system.
  • Second factory was established in Taiwan in 2009, and from 2001-2008, the overall related companies were increased 7 times; Received the 12th Rising Star Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs; Honored with the 16th SMEs Innovation Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs, and received CITD Subsidy Project from Bureau of Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Received Excellent Product Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs. The first factory was expanded three times, and the owned-brand medical equipment toolbox was established.
  • Received subsidies for SBIR Research and Development from DOIT, Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2006. Integrated Taiwanese related companies, and established Seattle Tools of Seattle Branch in U.S.A.
  • The owned-brand Hardware Toolbox was established in 2005.
  • The sum of business in 2004 was increased gradually. In order to increase the production capacity, factories in Taiwan and Mainland China were expanded, and the equipment was added at the same time. Received Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award from Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • The informatization of ERP system was upgraded in 2003, synchronizing the information of all related companies, and integrating the improvement of efficiency. Machan Changzhou Mechanics Company was established in Changzhou of China to invest in a whole-new production line.
  • Received ISO 9001 Certification in 2002.
  • Received ISO 9002 Certification in 1999.
  • Incorporated computerized UNIX into MRP in 1994. General Administration Office was established, and the profit center system was implemented.
  • DIY Toolbox was changed into Professional Toolbox in 1993.
  • The chairman of the board, Chiu-Long CHANG received the 14th Award for Model of Entrepreneurs in 1991.
  • Ming Sheng You Plastics Company was established in 1988, mainly selling integrated-formed plastic toolboxes to foreign countries.
  • The sales volume of toolbox had been the top one product exported to European and American markets from Taiwan in 1986. The related company "Dong Ji Tu Liao" was founded to manufacture coating materials and lacquer products for industrial and constructional purposes.
  • The production was changed to manufacture DIY toolboxes in 1981.
  • Machan Steel Tools Company was established in 1976, producing steel furniture.
Machan received 3-Star Quality Control Award
Machan received 3-Star Quality Control Award

Quality Control Award is created by Chinese Society for Quality since 1965. Although this award is not as well-recognized as the National Quality Award, it is still a competition with long history and fairness. It doesn't only evaluate the quality of products and services, but the overall quality of organization management, which consists of seven facets, including leadership, strategic planning and innovation, customers and market, source management, operation management, information and knowledge management, and operating performance result. The company shall have excellent performance in seven facets to receive the award. Machan Group was selected as the best "3-star Award", showing that Machan's overall organizational capabilities received recognition and praise.

Machan was honored with D&B Elite SME Award
Machan was honored with D&B Elite SME Award

"D&B Elite SME Award" is provided by Dun & Bradstreet through comparison between national SME export data and big data, payment records, financial stress index, payment index, purchasing index, export growth rate, and class interval of export, etc. In addition, the class interval of export for recent two years shall be the same or better without records of dishonored bills and negative litigation. From 1.46 million SMEs in Taiwan, Machan was selected as the top 1000 companies with the strongest export competitiveness. Machan was selected as one of the top 1000, and the top 5 MVP companies this year.


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