32 port Charging Cart


This mobile device charging car is designed to provide a safe and efficient charging solution for teachers and students. It is equipped with smart cable management and intelligent charging for extra educational devices of class, making it easy to keep devices neat, safe, and charged.

Machan 32-device charging cart has an arc-shaped design with customizable branding options, flexible slot dividers for different device sizes, and LED status indicators for simple monitoring. It also has two auxiliary power outlets and medical-grade casters for mobility, making the MACHAN cart a wise choice for any educational setting.

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    Storage / Charging Capacity Up to 32 Laptop/Tablets(up to a 14" screen)
    LED Status Indicators Solid green: charging
    Lockable Doors
    Front and real doors with one standard lock
    Storage Drawers
    Two 16-bay drawers
    Non-Extendable Drawers
    Lock Bracket for Further Security
    Cable management
    Repositionable cable clips
    Swivel Casters
    Four 5 inch medical-grade caster (2 orientation with 2 lockable)
    Sync Function
    Auxiliary Power Outlet
    2 courtesy outlets AC 220-240V 50/60Hz 10-12A
    Charging System
    Smart charging box with Power strip 8 port X 4
    Power Input
    AC 220-240V 50/60Hz 10-12A
    Width 25mm x Depth 310mm x Height 260mm

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